Music Therapy for your Dog? Yes!!


The positive effects of music are well known - for humans, but our canine counterparts are also effected by our music choices, and the volume we play our music at. 

It has become scientifically accepted that listening to music has an effect on the human psyche, and therefore the human body. Of course anyone who is an audiophile already knows this! We don’t listen to spa music for an intense run, and we won't listen to metal to fall asleep to. Studying with classical music has been shown to improve retention and therefore increase test scores. 

Having a soft understanding, but sincere appreciation of the power of music in my own life, I listen to spa, downtempo and chill music daily. So when Schatzi was recovering from her dog attack, and was more nervous and unable to fully relax and fall into sleep as usual, I made a conscious decision to keep only the deep relaxation and spa music going on Spotify all day long and watched to see how it would help her - I was astounded by the results.

She was able to drift into a more peaceful rest, and maintain that state of calm longer. We all know that quality sleep is the backbone of healing, so I continued this musical regimen for weeks after, and play it whenever I leave her at home.

I sampled a variety of spa music for her: piano, flute, electronic and chant, and watched for which types of music she seemed to harmonize with the most. She seemed the most relaxed with asian style flutes, harps, with some piano and synthesizer tones. 

So the upshot is play calming music for your dog! According to Harvard Medical School, calming music is known to help improve outcomes from surgery, and decrease post operative healing times. Aids in pain relief from acute to constant arthritic pain, thereby potentially reducing the amount of pain medications needed. They are also citing improvement in depression and of course reduction in everyday stress! Again these are results from humans, but give them a try with your dog, and you may benefit also! 

I have had positive benefits with these artists: Dean Evenson of Soundings of the Planet; Deuter; Massage Tribe; Asian Zen Spa Music and Zen Music Garden to name a few! Basically whatever you hear in the spa, has strings and flutes will probably work for your fur baby! 


IN the beginning....was love...and wolves

The love of a dog. That was the premise of the book, My Story. To say that dogs are sentient is an understatement. They are sentient, and can read us better than our lovers sometimes. They feel us, our energy, even our thoughts.

"I have a soul, I dream and I love just like you..."

As soon as we dropped out of the trees, and walked into their world the database between those soft velvety ears that fires various neurons and memories was very much alive and learning - about us! A slight rising of our eyebrow, a sigh of a certain length: the dog knows what it means. They are our, 'co-evolved partners' in this life. They can read facial expressions better than any ape. Even though our genetic trees split hundreds of millions of years ago. They know us. They truly know us. And given the chance, they  show us a love that one will most likely never experience in human form - simply for the reason it is, "Dog Love".  A unique expression of love that dogs have mastered in their time as our biological life partners. We are a co-evolved species with what we now call 'dogs'. But that relationship started ...millions of years ago..with wolves. 

*More on a landmark court ruling regarding dog sentience below.